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Happy Hour Flyer

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Art, etc.

In an attempt to kick-start some fun, I started working on a flyer invitation for a happy hour(s).  The sugar skull was inspired by a Quiksilver flyer that I saw.  This is where it started (and is currently), the happy hour has yet to happen.

From the above picture, I went with some hibiscus and other themes I like to use.  Even put in two Arbor logos, as it is a great brand and a great logo.  Decided to add the scale to indicate to people that I thought going to this particular happy hour would be more fun than billing.  Crazy talk, I know.

After I got to this point, decided this was going to be black and white so I could actually make cheap copies and use as an invitation. 

Maybe putting this online will make me finish this and actually have some drinks.  I’ll update if that happens.


Update on Flight to San Francisco 3/11

This is a link to listen to the Decline by NOFX, a great song that happens to be about 10 minutes long (i.e. 8.5 minutes longer than most punk songs).  I have seen them play it live twice, pretty amazing how well they perform.


Branding (and loss)

Posted: March 27, 2011 in Art, etc.
I like Surf/Skate T-shirts.  I have a lot of them even though I am getting to a rather advanced age.  If these companies have one thing going for them, I think it is their branding and logos.  Below are some drawings that are inspired derivations of various brands that I have in my T-Shirt arsenal.  Not much else to say, maybe I am destined to design T-shirts, but hopefully I can sell them at the burrito cart that I open in the future.
I have always liked the simplicity and look of the Volcom Stone.

Custom Volcom Stone Surf Art Volcom Stone/ Quiksilver Logo

This is a mash-up of some themes that like to use in drawings and the Volcom and Quiksolver logos.

Surf Art Volcom Stone/ Quiksilver Logo

I drew this on the back of my law school acceptance letter while I was sitting in orientation.  It was the sign of many many pens that would be exausted while sitting through law school classes.  The HIC symbol is included in a few places and is also a favorite brand logo of mine.  I once got about 80% done with a HIC symbol on the top of a coffee table made with different colored beer bottle caps and hot-glue.  At that point one of the beer went out of production, and in classic college style we ripped off the bottle caps.  I believe that at some point some friends used that table to table-ski behind a truck alongside the citrus groves. 

HIC Inspired Design

 So today is ending as a less than stellar day.  A close friend lost a close friend today.  Not much anyone can say at times like these.  SD, we are thinking about you and yours.

This is a video I found for BroHymn and Pool Shark.  Both excellent songs that I think of when we lose friends to early.


Posted: March 23, 2011 in Art, etc.

I am not going to lie, this post has me pretty excited. One of the few productive bi-products of drawing is that when special occasions arise I have the opportunity to draw something for a card. The challenge is that I haven’t taken the time to make copies for myself of many of these cards, so this is likely going to be a work in progress as I borrow back the cards that my family and friends have kept and add them to this post as I find them. Pretty mortifying to think that someone could give you a card and then come back a decade later and ask for it so that they can make a copy. Scary stuff, hope no one ever returns the favor.

Here is what I have dug up so far. It is quite nice when you can lt someone know that they are awesome by creating something for them.

This was a going away poster for a good friend MW when she left recruiting at my first firm in DC, and for that and many other reasons we love her.  The poster is large (normal posterboard size), and one of the interesting parts of this drawing is that every persons name from MW’s summer classes at the firm are hidden somewhere in the black line designs, which if my memory serves me took just short of forever. This poster is living in a law firm in New Orleans now with MW.

Mothers day drawing 2011 to match a Our Lady of Guadalupe bracelet that we gave my mom:

Mothers Day 2011 (Thanks Mom)

This drawing is one of the Christmas cards that I have drawn over the years, and this one was for my Grandfather and Grandmother S in particular.

Christmas 2006 (Grandfather and Grandmother)

This drawing is a birthday card on a regular 8-11 page borrowed from a nearby printer. Actually going to see the Rockstar in NYC this summer, so that is pretty killer as well.

Rockstar's Birthday Card

This drawing is a design for a Behavior Bucks Template for Mrs. Nami’s classroom. The template is designed to include a picture of the illustrious Issabelle (MRs. Nami and Mr. JVE’s dog), so I am not sure whether this submission was the winner in the competitive bid process or whether it is in circulation.

Behavior Bucks for Mrs. Nami
I did this hibiscus design for my mom, because she is  a bit of a hippy.

Mothers Day Peace Hibiscus


Compliment to Peace Flower- Hope Flower

On a completely unrelated note, came across this live video of Gwen and Sublime doing “Saw Red” live and it made me smile.


Posted: March 21, 2011 in Art, etc.

 A lot of these posts have been about themes in my life.  This theme is my favorite word.  I think it is possibly the most important thing that I know of.  Other than my wife and possibly saltines, it is the one thing that I think makes the juice worth the squeeze in life. 

I like to incorporate the word in art and life where possible.  I have a lot.

Hope Flower with Ouroboros 2004(ish)

2001 Tattoo Design

Below is a cover of the song Hope by Sublime and the original version by the Descendants (both from youtube, so  you might have to click through).  Seeing that picture of Bradley with his child and Louie-Dog reminds me what a loss he was.  Turns out that heroin is never a good idea. 

Time to Paddle?

Posted: March 20, 2011 in SUP

I am counting the days until it gets warm enough to get out on the water.  This blog has mostly been about art so far, but this is year two of my stand up paddling hobby.  I have been on a 12′ SUPATX board, which has done me just fine.  Anyone who hasn’t tried this sport, it is a really fun workout.  I am not sure how I am going to work paddling into the blog that has been about art to date, but I am getting excited that it is starting to warm up and have high hopes that I can get on the water soon.  Thanks to MR for the jersey, very much appreciated.

From SUP ATX Facebook Page
One of the few issues I have had paddling is with my feet.  In lakes it is not a big deal, but rivers and other places where I have to step  on rocks etc. it is  a bummer to be bare foot, but also a bummer to paddle in shoes that effect balance (which is pretty important on a paddle board in cold water).  This year I am trying a solution.  These look funny, but I think they might be the right fix.

Vibram KSO

My buddy MR turned me on to this blog, this guy paddles (in addition to other sports) with Laird Hamilton.  This post is pretty amazing


Posted: March 19, 2011 in Art, etc.

This is called Seeds for a few reasons, first off I apparently ‘planted’ the below drawing for myself about 10 years ago.  Second, I believe that when I started this it related to seeing the painting in the Sublime Seed video a long time ago, check out the video below.

For the picture, recently I came across this drawing that I started in college in Southern California and basically carried with me from city to city without ever revisiting.  I have started working on it again and am intent on finishing it now. It is pretty interesting to see the difference in some of the ways I draw in the last decade, it is also pretty fun to see that in college I was more likely to tape two pieces of paper together to make a bigger picture than just go buy a bigger piece of paper.

This is the drawing after an evening of work (after finding it folded up with some of my pens). Wish I would have snapped a photo of how it looked when I found it, but for the most part I haven’t done a lot yet. 

The sun in the middle is a variation of the Sublime sun.  Suns are a pretty common theme in my doodling since day 1.  If I ever do a post about tattoos that I have drawn for folks, it will probably become pretty clear that suns were the go to for a long time.   Hopefully I don’t need to say a lot about Sublime, their music and related art was a big big influence in my life and my art.  If we are talking music that I think I would be fine with listening to at any time, anywhere, 40 Oz’s To Freedom probably is one of the few albums that fits that category. 

The other characters are my attempts at Pacific Northwest Native American art.  I have always been very interested in the art of native cultures, whether Native American, Pacific Islander, Maori, etc.).  I will probably post more about that later.  So far this is done with markers, pens and a little paint pen here and there (they are expensive, so didn’t really get used in college).

Started around 2000, to be finished 2011


For something cool, check out this video.  I remember seeing it and thinking it would be a really cool project and that the artist is pretty amazing:

Never Trust a Hippy

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Art, etc.

Seriously, never trust a hippy, pretty straight forward. Especially not if they have a raised jeep, are wearing a white tattered baseball hat and shower regularly. You know who you are.

Real hippies aren’t so bad, but there aren’t many of them left. I mean, I like frisbee as much as the next guy.

This drawing isn’t really very much about hippies, but I am not super interested in getting into religion online (he’s watching the internet). I gave some serious thought to making the lettering on the bottom say, “OH YEAH” to get across the Kool-Aid idea, but decided to be a little more blunt in the message.

The Jesus figure is my take on the cover of NOFX’s “Never Trust a Hippy” CD. NOFX is a fantastic band.

The orthodox Jewish character ended up looking pretty close to Matisyahu (who I was coincidentally listening to a lot when I was working on this drawing). Buddha…well, Buddha was probably the most disappointing part of this one. I have nothing but respect for Buddhists, it is not an easy religion by any means, but for some reason when I try to draw Buddha he always ends up looking like a primate. As such, I tend to gravitate towards collecting Buddha related art (ask my wife, it is out of control), but less often try to incorporate him into mine. Sorry Buddha and Buddhists, no disrespect intended.

This drawing is 22 x 28″ and was done with paint pens and markers on hard canvas board.

As for NOFX: