Never Trust a Hippy

Posted: March 18, 2011 in Art, etc.

Seriously, never trust a hippy, pretty straight forward. Especially not if they have a raised jeep, are wearing a white tattered baseball hat and shower regularly. You know who you are.

Real hippies aren’t so bad, but there aren’t many of them left. I mean, I like frisbee as much as the next guy.

This drawing isn’t really very much about hippies, but I am not super interested in getting into religion online (he’s watching the internet). I gave some serious thought to making the lettering on the bottom say, “OH YEAH” to get across the Kool-Aid idea, but decided to be a little more blunt in the message.

The Jesus figure is my take on the cover of NOFX’s “Never Trust a Hippy” CD. NOFX is a fantastic band.

The orthodox Jewish character ended up looking pretty close to Matisyahu (who I was coincidentally listening to a lot when I was working on this drawing). Buddha…well, Buddha was probably the most disappointing part of this one. I have nothing but respect for Buddhists, it is not an easy religion by any means, but for some reason when I try to draw Buddha he always ends up looking like a primate. As such, I tend to gravitate towards collecting Buddha related art (ask my wife, it is out of control), but less often try to incorporate him into mine. Sorry Buddha and Buddhists, no disrespect intended.

This drawing is 22 x 28″ and was done with paint pens and markers on hard canvas board.

As for NOFX:


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