Posted: March 19, 2011 in Art, etc.

This is called Seeds for a few reasons, first off I apparently ‘planted’ the below drawing for myself about 10 years ago.  Second, I believe that when I started this it related to seeing the painting in the Sublime Seed video a long time ago, check out the video below.

For the picture, recently I came across this drawing that I started in college in Southern California and basically carried with me from city to city without ever revisiting.  I have started working on it again and am intent on finishing it now. It is pretty interesting to see the difference in some of the ways I draw in the last decade, it is also pretty fun to see that in college I was more likely to tape two pieces of paper together to make a bigger picture than just go buy a bigger piece of paper.

This is the drawing after an evening of work (after finding it folded up with some of my pens). Wish I would have snapped a photo of how it looked when I found it, but for the most part I haven’t done a lot yet. 

The sun in the middle is a variation of the Sublime sun.  Suns are a pretty common theme in my doodling since day 1.  If I ever do a post about tattoos that I have drawn for folks, it will probably become pretty clear that suns were the go to for a long time.   Hopefully I don’t need to say a lot about Sublime, their music and related art was a big big influence in my life and my art.  If we are talking music that I think I would be fine with listening to at any time, anywhere, 40 Oz’s To Freedom probably is one of the few albums that fits that category. 

The other characters are my attempts at Pacific Northwest Native American art.  I have always been very interested in the art of native cultures, whether Native American, Pacific Islander, Maori, etc.).  I will probably post more about that later.  So far this is done with markers, pens and a little paint pen here and there (they are expensive, so didn’t really get used in college).

Started around 2000, to be finished 2011


For something cool, check out this video.  I remember seeing it and thinking it would be a really cool project and that the artist is pretty amazing:

  1. P-Nut says:

    You say to never trust a hippy, but you are clearly a hippy. (See, as evidence, references to Sublime, Native American culture, and what seems to be a rather nomadic lifestyle [carrying things from city to city?]) For the sake of your fans and your loyal readers, I feel that you should further clarify your position on this hot button issue.

  2. SF says:

    Good point. I think in a perfect world, I would aspire to take the most positive attributes of real hippies and punk rockers, sprinkle in a little hygiene, and make that my approach to things. I have a ways to go. Plus, I said never trust a hippy, never said I (i) wasn’t one, and (ii) that I should be trusted. Your post makes me think that you are a lawyer that is working in banking.

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