Posted: March 21, 2011 in Art, etc.

 A lot of these posts have been about themes in my life.  This theme is my favorite word.  I think it is possibly the most important thing that I know of.  Other than my wife and possibly saltines, it is the one thing that I think makes the juice worth the squeeze in life. 

I like to incorporate the word in art and life where possible.  I have a lot.

Hope Flower with Ouroboros 2004(ish)

2001 Tattoo Design

Below is a cover of the song Hope by Sublime and the original version by the Descendants (both from youtube, so  you might have to click through).  Seeing that picture of Bradley with his child and Louie-Dog reminds me what a loss he was.  Turns out that heroin is never a good idea. 


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