Posted: March 23, 2011 in Art, etc.

I am not going to lie, this post has me pretty excited. One of the few productive bi-products of drawing is that when special occasions arise I have the opportunity to draw something for a card. The challenge is that I haven’t taken the time to make copies for myself of many of these cards, so this is likely going to be a work in progress as I borrow back the cards that my family and friends have kept and add them to this post as I find them. Pretty mortifying to think that someone could give you a card and then come back a decade later and ask for it so that they can make a copy. Scary stuff, hope no one ever returns the favor.

Here is what I have dug up so far. It is quite nice when you can lt someone know that they are awesome by creating something for them.

This was a going away poster for a good friend MW when she left recruiting at my first firm in DC, and for that and many other reasons we love her.  The poster is large (normal posterboard size), and one of the interesting parts of this drawing is that every persons name from MW’s summer classes at the firm are hidden somewhere in the black line designs, which if my memory serves me took just short of forever. This poster is living in a law firm in New Orleans now with MW.

Mothers day drawing 2011 to match a Our Lady of Guadalupe bracelet that we gave my mom:

Mothers Day 2011 (Thanks Mom)

This drawing is one of the Christmas cards that I have drawn over the years, and this one was for my Grandfather and Grandmother S in particular.

Christmas 2006 (Grandfather and Grandmother)

This drawing is a birthday card on a regular 8-11 page borrowed from a nearby printer. Actually going to see the Rockstar in NYC this summer, so that is pretty killer as well.

Rockstar's Birthday Card

This drawing is a design for a Behavior Bucks Template for Mrs. Nami’s classroom. The template is designed to include a picture of the illustrious Issabelle (MRs. Nami and Mr. JVE’s dog), so I am not sure whether this submission was the winner in the competitive bid process or whether it is in circulation.

Behavior Bucks for Mrs. Nami
I did this hibiscus design for my mom, because she is  a bit of a hippy.

Mothers Day Peace Hibiscus


Compliment to Peace Flower- Hope Flower

On a completely unrelated note, came across this live video of Gwen and Sublime doing “Saw Red” live and it made me smile.
  1. Mr. JVE says:

    Izzy will be making her Behavior Buck debut in the Fall of 2011. I was too stupid/lazy to get her picture onto the template last year. I’m also going to be making a $1,000 bill with my picture that I will slip to a student of my choice during my annual Columbus Day visit.

  2. MW says:

    I love my picture and I’ve told you over and over but I’ll say it again, it is one of my most favorite things in my possession. It means more to me than I can explain. It reminds me of a very good time in my life with some very good people. Thank you.

  3. MW says:

    Also, the print specifically told me that y’all need to come visit. Betcha didn’t know it could do that!

  4. Jen says:

    My birthday is August 25. I’ll expect a card.

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