Branding (and loss)

Posted: March 27, 2011 in Art, etc.
I like Surf/Skate T-shirts.  I have a lot of them even though I am getting to a rather advanced age.  If these companies have one thing going for them, I think it is their branding and logos.  Below are some drawings that are inspired derivations of various brands that I have in my T-Shirt arsenal.  Not much else to say, maybe I am destined to design T-shirts, but hopefully I can sell them at the burrito cart that I open in the future.
I have always liked the simplicity and look of the Volcom Stone.

Custom Volcom Stone Surf Art Volcom Stone/ Quiksilver Logo

This is a mash-up of some themes that like to use in drawings and the Volcom and Quiksolver logos.

Surf Art Volcom Stone/ Quiksilver Logo

I drew this on the back of my law school acceptance letter while I was sitting in orientation.  It was the sign of many many pens that would be exausted while sitting through law school classes.  The HIC symbol is included in a few places and is also a favorite brand logo of mine.  I once got about 80% done with a HIC symbol on the top of a coffee table made with different colored beer bottle caps and hot-glue.  At that point one of the beer went out of production, and in classic college style we ripped off the bottle caps.  I believe that at some point some friends used that table to table-ski behind a truck alongside the citrus groves. 

HIC Inspired Design

 So today is ending as a less than stellar day.  A close friend lost a close friend today.  Not much anyone can say at times like these.  SD, we are thinking about you and yours.

This is a video I found for BroHymn and Pool Shark.  Both excellent songs that I think of when we lose friends to early.

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