Happy Hour Flyer

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Art, etc.

In an attempt to kick-start some fun, I started working on a flyer invitation for a happy hour(s).  The sugar skull was inspired by a Quiksilver flyer that I saw.  This is where it started (and is currently), the happy hour has yet to happen.

From the above picture, I went with some hibiscus and other themes I like to use.  Even put in two Arbor logos, as it is a great brand and a great logo.  Decided to add the scale to indicate to people that I thought going to this particular happy hour would be more fun than billing.  Crazy talk, I know.

After I got to this point, decided this was going to be black and white so I could actually make cheap copies and use as an invitation. 

Maybe putting this online will make me finish this and actually have some drinks.  I’ll update if that happens.


Update on Flight to San Francisco 3/11

This is a link to listen to the Decline by NOFX, a great song that happens to be about 10 minutes long (i.e. 8.5 minutes longer than most punk songs).  I have seen them play it live twice, pretty amazing how well they perform.


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