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Speaks for itself.  Amazing.  To see more of Terje Sorgjerd or read about his project, check this LINK out.

After watching this video approximately 100 times over the weekend, it still is amazing. But possibly equally amazing is the backing track, “Nuvole bianche” composed by Ludovico Einaudi. Truly inspiring. This is a youtube video containing the entire song:

Last one, this LINK takes you to a youtube mix of his music.



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I would guess that the sun is one of the first things that I ever drew on a regular basis. Not sure if it was because it was easy or because it is a theme that can mean so many things and be translated so many ways. My reason for posting this today is that it seems that the STL has inherited the traditional weather of Seattle and London, as we have plenty of rain and basically no sun in sight.

I got into a few of my old books and pulled together some of the drawings below. 

This drawing is a good example of what I did for most classes in high school, undergrad and law school. 

Ball Point Pen/ Notebook Paper Drawing (8×11)

When I was studying in Austria, I started to try to introduce some color into the drawings.  I remember looking at the great stained glass windows in all of the churches and thinking that black and white drawings couldn’t match up to such awesome use of color and light.

Drawn in Austria (2000)- I remember looking at a lot of Gustav Klimpt paintings and playing around with using small colorful shapes to draw larger items.
Below is a template that was used as a tatto by a good friend in college (AR), but in her personal drawing the space between the sun’s rays spelled her name on the top and bottom levels. 

This is a recreation of the Rollins Band "Search and Destroy" artwork. Colored Pencils/ Notebook paper

This drawing was used in the “SEEDS” post, and as you can see hasn’t gotten much attention since then, but is a Sublime inspired sun that is going to be finished this year:

Started around 2000, to be finished 2011

As a quick parting shot, Season II of Treme is beginning this week and I am excited. If you haven’t watched the show, I would take a look. The glimpse into the history and music of New Orleans is pretty amazing. Being a NO novice, the first season introduced me to the likes of Kermit Ruffins and other NO music greats.

Here is one of my favorites of Kermit’s (Skokiaan)- Based on some minimal research Skokiaan was written by August Musarurwa in Zimbabwe in the late 40s, looks like a lot of trumpet greats have taken their shot, my favorite is Kermit, but I’ll include Louis Armstong’s as well for contrast. Since I am talking N’Orleans, MW hope things are treating you well down there:

In a Casket or a Bentley

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First off, thank you to The Game for the line (come from the song My Life, which I highly recommend).  I think there are endless ways to use the words, admittedly, to me it is a little less life or death issue, but the way it resonates to me is that in life it is important to make some big moves and go for broke.  I am guessing my real option is between a Corolla or a Bentley, but you get the point.  Jay Z summed expressed this saying, “I’d rather die enormous than live dormant.” (From “I Can Live,” the “Reasonable Doubt” album.) 

I am fascinated at time with respect to taking some gangster mentality, remind myself that breaking the law materially can result in jail, and use some of the principals in everyday/business life.  Mostly these analogies are pretty comical, like when I say that “I am deep in the streets”, but in any event, some of the principles that I think translate are that you have to stay on your grind, watch your back, etc.  Maybe this is all to vindicate the hours upon hours that I spent watching The Wire and Sopranos.  Plus its probably not a good idea to sample ones own product to the point that you become ineffective (I’m thinking of you Tony Montana), take money from someone that you can’t trust (whether it is a venture fund, loan shark, etc.), and on and on.

Office Space had a good take on this, recreated below:

Think of any good gangster movie, and tell me there aren’t a lot of good lessons to be learned.  Some of the most lucrative hip-hop labels have modeled their business after organized crime (in many cases a little too closely per their local DA or federal authorities), but aside from that.

Check out this link to a CNBC article  illustrating the point.

Sticky Note Drawing

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Since the art spigut is clogged with work, I decided that the art has to get smaller and quicker, like a cat, that’s why its friends call it whiskers. So here is my smallest canvas yet, a sticky note. Limited to office pens and a pencil, but it is better than not drawing.

Stage 1 (5 minutes)
Stage 2 (2 Minutes)
Stage 3 (2 minutes- as if I could avoid using a black pen)
Stage 4 (30 seconds)

Well, there you have it, under 10 minutes, let’s start the bidding at a billion dollars?

It is awesome outside, truly one of the perfect days of the year.  I will avoid complaining that I am stuck in my office, except for that line.  I tried Bogarts today, the Pappys spin-off in Soulard, it was AMAZING.  They hand out ribs while you are in line in case you can’t wait 10 more minnutes to get a great plate of food.  I would highly recommend checking it out. 

Since work is winning these days, below is an artist that I am a fan of.  Drew Brophy uses Uni-Posca paint pens and is a fantastic artist.  I have a painting in my office that looks a lot like his work.  I bought it off ebay a long time ago, but the inclusion of the little white ‘swimmers’ off the wave is definitely one of his themes.  So my painting is either him, or someone who has been inspired by his style. 

This is the painting in my office:

Check out some of his work in his portfolio and see what you think.

Here is a video of Drew talking about his art/life:

Regardless, today feels like a beach day, or good day to go for a long walk, maybe a few beers on the deck with some friends.  For now, I am going to stay at the office and make sure my desk doesn’t move, but  hopefully others are taking advantage today.

Maybe some Slightly Stoopid will make it a little easier:

Cokie the Clown

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So this art blog has become somewhat of an art (when I have time to either create art, or at least find some around the house and post it) to an Art, Music and other blog based on that fact that my job is kicking my ass around the corner currently.  It is probably fair to say that it is kicking it around the block(s), but who is counting.  Oy.

Here is a fresh new artist, I have nothing on him:

I think this video is funny, Halloween anyone (probably have to click through):


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Not much to post today. Too busy to draw anything these days, but wanted to add a song/video from Pennywise. These guys have been in heavy rotation for me since the mid-nineties. Definitely a bummer that Jim quit the band, but the new singer Zoli Teglas was good at Riotfest, so hopefully these guys keep on touring and come up with some new albums. This is a link to an article that talks about Jim’s departure and going with Mr. Zoltan. Hermosa beach should be proud.

Also, I like the album artwork on this album Straight Ahead done by Dave Leamon.

As a little insight on my weekend:

Truer Words Have Never Been Written