You’re Old

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Art, etc., Uncategorized

I am pretty sure that if you dress like PacSun is the only store in the world and listen to punk rock often enough that you never actually are older than 22 years old.  I am super glad about that, because otherwise I would be a decade older than that. 

This is what happens in long, long, long meetings.

Long Meeting 2011

In that vein, here are two great videos for songs (Skate or Die and Bigger than Kiss) by the Teenage Bottlerockets.  We saw them open for NOFX a while back and they put on a good show.

Plus one from The Dopamines.  Happened to see them open for Less Than Jake at a secret Riotfest show in Chicago and then again in STL. Excellent show (for Red’s Fans). 

In summation, no one is allowed to tell Max and Athena that this is not how all dogs sleep:


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