In a Casket or a Bentley

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

First off, thank you to The Game for the line (come from the song My Life, which I highly recommend).  I think there are endless ways to use the words, admittedly, to me it is a little less life or death issue, but the way it resonates to me is that in life it is important to make some big moves and go for broke.  I am guessing my real option is between a Corolla or a Bentley, but you get the point.  Jay Z summed expressed this saying, “I’d rather die enormous than live dormant.” (From “I Can Live,” the “Reasonable Doubt” album.) 

I am fascinated at time with respect to taking some gangster mentality, remind myself that breaking the law materially can result in jail, and use some of the principals in everyday/business life.  Mostly these analogies are pretty comical, like when I say that “I am deep in the streets”, but in any event, some of the principles that I think translate are that you have to stay on your grind, watch your back, etc.  Maybe this is all to vindicate the hours upon hours that I spent watching The Wire and Sopranos.  Plus its probably not a good idea to sample ones own product to the point that you become ineffective (I’m thinking of you Tony Montana), take money from someone that you can’t trust (whether it is a venture fund, loan shark, etc.), and on and on.

Office Space had a good take on this, recreated below:

Think of any good gangster movie, and tell me there aren’t a lot of good lessons to be learned.  Some of the most lucrative hip-hop labels have modeled their business after organized crime (in many cases a little too closely per their local DA or federal authorities), but aside from that.

Check out this link to a CNBC article  illustrating the point.

  1. Mr. JVE says:

    I am currently spending hours watching The Wire since i missed it completely when it was on TV. I consider this time EXTREMELY well spent and can’t understand why this show wasn’t as big as The Soprano’s. Both were generally great shows, but I have yet to see a bad episode of The Wire as of halfway through Season 3. Remember those episodes after Tony got shot and he was in dreamland? Me neither, BECAUSE THEY NEVER HAPPENED. Case closed.

  2. Tony Montana says:

    Wha did chu say abou me, chu caca-roach?

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