Posted: April 25, 2011 in Art, etc.

I would guess that the sun is one of the first things that I ever drew on a regular basis. Not sure if it was because it was easy or because it is a theme that can mean so many things and be translated so many ways. My reason for posting this today is that it seems that the STL has inherited the traditional weather of Seattle and London, as we have plenty of rain and basically no sun in sight.

I got into a few of my old books and pulled together some of the drawings below. 

This drawing is a good example of what I did for most classes in high school, undergrad and law school. 

Ball Point Pen/ Notebook Paper Drawing (8×11)

When I was studying in Austria, I started to try to introduce some color into the drawings.  I remember looking at the great stained glass windows in all of the churches and thinking that black and white drawings couldn’t match up to such awesome use of color and light.

Drawn in Austria (2000)- I remember looking at a lot of Gustav Klimpt paintings and playing around with using small colorful shapes to draw larger items.
Below is a template that was used as a tatto by a good friend in college (AR), but in her personal drawing the space between the sun’s rays spelled her name on the top and bottom levels. 

This is a recreation of the Rollins Band "Search and Destroy" artwork. Colored Pencils/ Notebook paper

This drawing was used in the “SEEDS” post, and as you can see hasn’t gotten much attention since then, but is a Sublime inspired sun that is going to be finished this year:

Started around 2000, to be finished 2011

As a quick parting shot, Season II of Treme is beginning this week and I am excited. If you haven’t watched the show, I would take a look. The glimpse into the history and music of New Orleans is pretty amazing. Being a NO novice, the first season introduced me to the likes of Kermit Ruffins and other NO music greats.

Here is one of my favorites of Kermit’s (Skokiaan)- Based on some minimal research Skokiaan was written by August Musarurwa in Zimbabwe in the late 40s, looks like a lot of trumpet greats have taken their shot, my favorite is Kermit, but I’ll include Louis Armstong’s as well for contrast. Since I am talking N’Orleans, MW hope things are treating you well down there:


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