Posted: May 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Bad Religion came through town last night and put on a great show. After not being able to see them for years, I have been lucky to see them twice in six months. Last time they headlined Friday nights shows at Riot Fest, while last night they opened for Rise Against. Bad Religion as an opening gives me mixed emotions. On one hand, Bad Religion helped Rise Against get their start on tours years ago, and now Rise Against is paying it forward. On the other hand, this is Bad Religion, an iconic punk rock band, who is a headliner no matter when they play. Regardless, they were great, and made a bunch of jokes about how kind all the kids were who clapped for them, referencing how nice everyone is to Grandpa at Thanksgiving when they just aren’t sure if they will see him next year, and that their new song debut with 811 youtube views, which is good for Bad Religion. In any event, they are punk rock icons and are one of a select few bands that I would say that about.

Bad Religion (POPS 5/10)

Rise Against put on a good show as well.  They are extremely tight  and professional, but as B said, “these guys are big rock star now, just not our rockstars.”  Well said B.

Just a note, FINALLY got out on the water last weekend for a short paddle (thank god because I am out of paddle shape) and it was glorious.

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