Posted: May 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

My wife has an admirable skill, she can be amazed on a regular basis.  Its sort of a sense of wonderment that allows her to say, “Isn’t that weird?” on the regular.  Being amazed has never been a skill of my own, but previously (and still to some extent), I was really easily inspired.  When they make a movie that is supposed to get an emotional response, they are thinking of people like me.  For instance, while slumped over a document this weekend I had Braveheart on the TV.  Save Mel Gibson being who he is, I remember that on a regular basis, when I was a bit younger, I could be inspired easily and that inspiration kept me going for a long time relative to the time it took to become inspired. 

Well, sadly I have come to note that I am inspired less easily and when it hits me, the inspiration tends to last less time.  Probably a result of being tired (for approximately the last 7 years), but I am thinking that not being amazed and inspired is no way to live.  Perhaps my logic skill shave become too strong and my wonderment skills too weak.  Only one way to change that I guess, time to get inspired.

Fitting song from Pennywise (Album: About Time, Song: Every Single Day):


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