Posted: May 27, 2011 in Art, etc.

The Hibiscus has played a rather central role in my drawings, and to some extent my life, although I can’t exactly figure out why. Anyone who has poked around this blog has seen that they hibiscus often appear in what I draw. Maybe it is because I have always felt like I should live near the beach (ignore my decisions to move back to STL repeatedly from both the west and the east coast) or maybe it is just the beachy/island vibe and mentality that I am drawn too. Whatever the reason, the hibiscus is something that I can see and feel a little more centered and reminded of how I aspire to feel.  Checking things out online, apparently it also represents seizing opportunity, as generally the flower last for one day and then wilts.  That fits, pretty well, unless I am the flower?

This hibiscus is the “Hope Flower” as the petals spell Hope:

This hibiscus is the “Peace Flower” as the petals spell Peace:

Now I just think of more words so i can add to this flower collection.


Stage 1 (5 minutes)

The weather is sublime.  The weekend appears to be three days.  Grilling will be undertaken.  Beer will be drinken.  Mistakes may be made.  Happy Friday:


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