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Hawaii Trip

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Travel, Uncategorized

I have been back from Hawaii for a month, but due to the amazingness of Mrs. N, there are some pictures i want to post.

There was a beach off the beaten path on the Hilo side that required a ginger hike down a cliff. At the bottom there was a little carved out black sand beach full of people enjoying life, all hanging out in about a 50 foot deep and 100 yard long beach between the waves and a rock wall at the back.   From tourists who had found a cool spot to hippies doing naked yoga this was one of the coolest places I have ever seen.

This tree is amazing. You can see about 10 feet up where it looks like the beach used to be, now the roots are very exposed and nothing is growing, but there it stands wave after wave.


This is a picture of Umauma Falls where we did some ziplining, plus a picture of the beauty of that high ground on the island.



More to come, but how can we have left…



Post-It Note 2

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Art, etc., Uncategorized

So, I looked at the blog for the first time in a bit and noticed that the U2 post remained front and center. It is not so much that I am not proud of my enjoyment of the concert (or maybe that is exactly what it is), but I can’t let that be the top line on the blog any longer. Saw Unwritten Law at a small (read tiny) venue two weeks ago. They put on a really good show. Lots of bands would have phoned in a show in the Midwest for a small crowd, but they delivered and it is appreciated.

Time is at a premium, and this way I can start and finish something so it doesn’t bug me while I am working.  So, here are two post-it notes that are being added to the collection of post-it notes for what it going to be a super-cool office wall at some point. 

Hibiscus on yellow post-it 8/9/11

Yellow Post-it 8/9/11