Post-It Note 2

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Art, etc., Uncategorized

So, I looked at the blog for the first time in a bit and noticed that the U2 post remained front and center. It is not so much that I am not proud of my enjoyment of the concert (or maybe that is exactly what it is), but I can’t let that be the top line on the blog any longer. Saw Unwritten Law at a small (read tiny) venue two weeks ago. They put on a really good show. Lots of bands would have phoned in a show in the Midwest for a small crowd, but they delivered and it is appreciated.

Time is at a premium, and this way I can start and finish something so it doesn’t bug me while I am working.  So, here are two post-it notes that are being added to the collection of post-it notes for what it going to be a super-cool office wall at some point. 

Hibiscus on yellow post-it 8/9/11

Yellow Post-it 8/9/11



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