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Posted: November 11, 2011 in Art, etc.

I hear that today is supposed to be lucky, hope it holds up.  Headed to the soft-opening of 4Hands Brewery in STL this afternoon, so that should be pretty decent.  I will update with how the beer is, but I am guessing it will be great.  Today has been  a Wu-Tang day, as I am making sure that I don’t saturate on the punk rock.   

Video by KROS.

Below is a drawing, since originally this blog was supposed to be about the art, that I stated way back when in 2001.  Was into Hawaiian Island Creations at the time, so worked that in some below.  The orange marker around the Buddha ended up pretty cool, even after all these years.  At the time I was really interested in the monks that use colored sand to do intricate designs (and then wipe them clear at the end and start again).  What they can do is pretty amazing, so consider this an homage that I am picking up and starting again on.

Started on this drawing in 2001, time to dust it off and finish it I think

Riotfest Chicago 2011

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Travel

So, I once again found myself making the trek to Chicago for Riotfest for the second year running this October, and once again had a great time and saw some great bands.  Before I get to the music, also got to watch the Cardinals win Game 5 against the Phillies at a Sox Bar on the North Side (only a few blocks from the Congress Theatre) which is a fantastic bar (and haven from Cubs fans, as Chicago is filthy with those).  Thanks Bob Inn, and thank you Chris Carpenter.

I am not going to mention all the bands as this is already going to be the longest post in the history or history for me.  In general a good lineup overall, not quite 2010 for me, but solid.  I am not a music critic, and anyone who sees this post has access to the internet to check out the bands in more detail to see if you dig them the most.  I am adding some pictures I took and a few videos/audio-tracks to check out a few of the bands.


Revered Payton’s Big Damn Band:  Three folks, punk rockabilly, good show.

There are three of them- But the Rev is pretty BIG

Thursday night was headlined by Social Distortion.  Actually th first time I have ever caught Social D and it was worth the wait.  They are no spring chickens, but M. Ness puts on a hell of a show and they still straight up rock.  I think I first got into Social-D in the mid nineties, and these guys continue to exude rock and roll.

On Friday night, well Friday was for the Cardinals so we caught a decent amount of the Danzig trilogy, but bailed for a secret show prior to seeing much of the Misfits songs (which, as far as I am concerned, is the only Danzig worth listening to, sorry Glenn).  As the world knows, the Cardinals won game 5 and are now 2011 World Champions.  I am still in disbelief and excited, but I digress.
We bailed early on Danzig because the Teenage Bottlerockets played a secret show at the Cobra Lounge (another pretty great Chicago bar), but a decent trek from the Congress.  Funny part was te guitarist showing up a little late to start his set because he wa watching Misfits songs at the Congress.  The Teenage Bottlerockets are a great punk band.  Seen them twice and they don’t disappoint.  Had a chance to chat with the bassist, who was super nice, and would highly recommend catching their show. 

Teenage Bottlerockets at Cobra Lounge 10/11

One Saturday band that I really like, and who were great to watch were the Copyrights.  Really good band from Carbondale, IL.

Copyrights 10/2011

Caught my personal first glimpse of Larry and his Flask, although B and S let me know that they are not new (more that I am late and old), but these guys were amazing to watch.  THEY ARE AN AWESOME SHOW.  They all seem to be amazing musicians, switching instruments without missing a beat, and rocking some bluegrass-rockabilly-punk-awesome. At a large venue like the Congress they have some room to go nuts, but I bet a small club show with this band would be epic.   Speaking of epic, this youtube clip show them  in a parking lot at Warped Tour and it is worth a watch.  They are said to live in their van while they tour, and with a band that large that has to be challenging.  I hear they will be in STL this spring at the Firebird.  If they see this, my house BBQ for them that day, hot showers, hot food and cold beer, just comment on the post and I can get you information.

Larry and His Flask 10/2011

 Headlining the Congress Saturday night was a REAL treat.  The Descendants (Milo at the mic) played a great show.  Watching the Descendents play Hope took me back to a white CRX in SoCal in 1997 when I was let into the club of everyone who knew that Hope wasn’t written by Sublime.  This is an original punk band from Hermosa and I am really happy to have caught them.


Headed up to Chicago for Riotfest 2011 and stumbled upon a great Shepard Fairey installation under what I think was Lakeshore on Grand.  Not sure if this was Shepard himself or someone using his imaged, but each one was approx. 15 x 15 feet and was pretty cool.  Saw some great bands up there and will post about that next.

Shepard Fairey Installation 500 Block of Grand in Chicago