Posted: November 11, 2011 in Art, etc.

I hear that today is supposed to be lucky, hope it holds up.  Headed to the soft-opening of 4Hands Brewery in STL this afternoon, so that should be pretty decent.  I will update with how the beer is, but I am guessing it will be great.  Today has been  a Wu-Tang day, as I am making sure that I don’t saturate on the punk rock.   

Video by KROS.

Below is a drawing, since originally this blog was supposed to be about the art, that I stated way back when in 2001.  Was into Hawaiian Island Creations at the time, so worked that in some below.  The orange marker around the Buddha ended up pretty cool, even after all these years.  At the time I was really interested in the monks that use colored sand to do intricate designs (and then wipe them clear at the end and start again).  What they can do is pretty amazing, so consider this an homage that I am picking up and starting again on.

Started on this drawing in 2001, time to dust it off and finish it I think

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