Holiday Craft[i?][y?]ness

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Art, etc.

It is the Holidays (again), and that means it is time to spend lots of money to show people love, or, get crafty.  In all honesty, getting crafty started for me long ago as a way to show people love while money was tight.  I have been working for a while now, so money is not as tight, but in order to show people the love that I want to show, and that they deserve, well that either costs a LOT of money, or I can take some time and make something.  My reasoning, time is money, and time is tight, so the gift of time and originality is worth more than anything that I can purchase through a point and click with free shipping.  Right?  Right?  Maybe I am talking myself into this a little, and maybe people get drawings and homemade stuff and are thinking, “giftcards are cool too.”

This year, my wonderful compadre, amore, vigilanty sidekick and wife has this awesome idea to make Limoncello as a gift for people.  There are recipes for Limoncello all over the internet, so if you are interested google “limoncello recipe.”  We chose one that was funky and required a prayer to some Italian saint each step of the way.  Skip ahead to the Limoncello being ready, about 45 days after we started, and it was time to bottle.

We found this cool store in Maplewood called Vom Fass that supplied the bottles at a reasonable price.  If you haven’t been there, looks like a super cool place.  Apparently the name means “from the cask” so you fill up containers with specialty oils, vinegar or booze.  Worth checking out. 

So, we prepared most of what we made in approx. 250 ml bottles and they looked like this…

So we thought, that is pretty crafty and cool.  Plus we tasted some and not only did we retain vision after the tasting, but it tasted pretty great.  Next step was to design a simple label and then figure out how to draw enough to use a scanner and printer to cut down on time.  End result…

Final product is looking something like this…

The last bit of craft[i?][y?]ness that I intend to endeavor upon is the holiday card from me and the Mrs.  I can post pictures until I find a good way to white out our names, but they are looking pretty decent this year.  I reiterate, if only art paid the bills, ro even a few bills.  Happy Holidays, plus enjoy a little Beastie Boys gratitude, as this is definitely the time of year to show some of that:


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