Face to Face (Accoustic?)

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Music

No new art, but soon(ish).  I caught Face to Face (well half of Face to Face) this week, on a Monday night no less.  As Trevor explained at the beginning of the set, hopefully everyone was aware that on this acoustic tour they are playing Ignorance is Bliss in its entirety.  Like many Face to Face fans, I was not stoked when Ignorance is Bliss came out, as it’s not really a punk rock record, and was a serious departure from the early nineties Face to Face albums that made most of the bands fans love their music.  That said, at the last-minute I decided that missing a great punk rock band play a record acoustically after more than a decade since its release would be something cool to do, plus, it’s Face to Face and how often am I going to get to see them live at this point in their career (and mine). 

They played a good show, and if anyone there previously doubted their raw ability as musicians (beyond just flat-out rockin’ on songs like Disconnected), then those doubts should have been put to rest.  Good experience, glad I made it out and that they made a STL stop.  Any STL punk appreciators should note that they promised to be back with their punk rock show Fall 2012 or Spring 2013, so hopefully they make good on that. 



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