Weak Sauce

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Music, Travel

My attention to this whole blog thing has been, how do you say, shitty.  I have things to post about.  I went to Riotfest 2012 in Chicago and saw some great performances at a festival that I think has made a big and awesome  jump in moving outside.  I went to see the Notre Dame v. Michigan game in South Bend last weekend for a ND night game.    I have a lot to say, but, I am a little lame and busy and am not ready to say it and post pictures, but I hope that will happen soon.  In the meantime, one thing that happened at Riotfest big-time is I was reminded how much I like the Lawrence Arms.  But you say, “The Lawrence Arms didn’t play at Riotfest.”  To which i would have to concur, however, Brendan played the Friday night secret show solo acoustic and, in one of the highlights of the weekend, Slapstick played on Saturday and was awesome.  My good buddy S wants to have Brendan’s babies (and since S is a dude the logistics have yet to be solidified on making that happen) and wouldn’t shut about the man all weekend, so I have been listening to a lot of Brendan’s music for the last two weeks, which in turn means I am listening to a lot of Lawrence Arms, so below is my favorite song of theirs (at least currently). Enjoy, and don’t give up on this blog if you have been reading, as I predict great things in the future.  And by great, I mean OK if you expectations are low.

UPDATE: After reading the above I recieved a text from S that I have the story all wrong, as the truth is that S wants Brendan Kelly to have his babies.  Same logistical issues, but it was important to S that this be cleared up to his public.  I am sure this revalation will change the world.

If this is what the chalkboard says as you are walking into a show, get really, really, happy, then have some drinks, its about to be awesome


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