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Dan Andriano

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Music

It’s been a bit since I posted, been to a few shows that I need to write about (Teenage Bottlerocket, Propogandhi) which I will get to (promises, promises) at some point.  I have struggled with what I want to write about Propogandhi.  When you have an album out there like “How to Clean Everything” that is fucking amazing you set the bar pretty high for me.  They evolved, I wish they hadn’t, don’t want o be negative so I will need to think about how to say what I am feeling. 

I digress, this post is about the talented Dan Andriano of Slapstick, Alkaline Trio, what appear to be more side projects than I can list and his solo stuff.  As I have written before, I think, I used to be all about Matt Skiba when it came to A3.  Didn’t have anything against Dan, but was a big Skiba fan.  Even from the beginning when I stumbled into a concert with a high school and American Youth Foundation where I was introduced to Alkaline Trio, the Get Up Kids because I was there to see Dashboard Confessionals.  Thanks to KS for getting me down to Mississippi Nights that evening.  Maybe I have something against shaved heads, whatever it was, I tended to prefer the songs that Matt sang, although I like them all generally.  At the small venue A3 show the Riotfest 2012 Chicago weekend that started to change and I have been listening to a lot more Dan, including watching Dan and Brendan Kelly clips on youtube when I should be working. 

The reason for this post is the song “Of Peace, Quiet and Monsters.”  I stumbled across this one on youtube last weekend while I was doing a little getting dressed rocking out.   I wish I had better, tougher words to express my thoughts on the tune, but I think the best I have is to say that it is beautiful.  Definitely some pain there, but is a song that is going to be added to the “please go to sleep” playlist that will be used when my daughter is introduced into the world in the next month or so.  Give it a listen and watch:

Same song in this video, but Dan gives a little background on the song in the beginning.

Maybe I am getting soft, as I never really have been much for the slow and soft, maybe its related to becoming  a dad, maybe my brain has been taken over by parasites that related to cats that some scientist thinks are to blame for almost everything, who knows, but what I do know it that this song speaks to me.  

As a bonus track, Dan and Brendan playing a Lawrence Arms song “First Eviction Notice.”  Good stuff, what the hell did I do before youtube.  So much music at your finger tips.