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Alkaline Trio

Posted: June 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

I read a bunch of the previous posts and one thing is clear, I don’t draw or paint much these days.  I do however listen to a lot of music at my desk.  In looking at the posts I feel like I have been neglecting some of my favorite bands.  One that came to mind is Alkaline Trio, possibly because I haven’t been in love with their most recent project (just sayin), but in any event they are generally fantastic and should be celebrated on this Friday afternoon.  Enjoy (or don’t, but at least check it out).



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New Paddle Spot

Posted: June 13, 2011 in SUP
Finally went out for a paddle in the local public park ‘waterways.’  Water is pretty stagnant and smelly at points, but better than a 30 minute drive to get in some time on the board.  Picture is a dark, but better than nothing.

Finally tried the local public park 'waterways'


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Saw Strung Out and Face to Face last night.  Strung Out was good, but Face to Face put on an amazing show.  Still kicking after 20 years.  Thank you to the Pageant in U. City for booking that tour.

For some reason I like to post songs on Fridays, today it is:

Mattersville, by NOFX.  This is a good one for a Friday, when you are a 32 year old thinking about retiring (perfectly normal I would say).   Here’s to that.

 Second, is A Theme from a NOFX Album by (you guessed it) NOFX.  Pretty catchy and a great opportunity to make up lyrics to match any day.  Guten tag.

Sidekick Paddler

Posted: June 5, 2011 in SUP

Athena is getting pretty accomplished as my navigator.


Face to Face this Thursday, very exciting string of punk shows in the STL, keep them coming: